His X Hers in one Piece by Won Hundred

Pieces which you and your boyfriend can share. Conscious of cost these days….right? Purchase 1 item and style it up! Won Hundred gets it by launching their UNISEX  collection. Boxy reversible sweatshirts in soft jersey, alongside straight-cut t-shirts. A grey sweatshirt which features a black hood and vice versa. The logo appears discreetly along the side, while t-shirts feature branded neck chokers. The silhouettes are named after different cities worldwide — Warsaw, Prague and Detroit — and contain a black unisex sticker marks.

Nikolaj Nielsen, founder x creative director Won Hundred

“I am into the strong and considered statement that unisex fashion brings. The unisex pieces are

for those who want to develop their own personal style. Someone who does not care if pieces are

for him or for her. An effortless personality who simply finds joy in dressing.”

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