Samsung Drops Online-Exclusive Mobile Accessories

Some of Samsung Electronics’ latest mobile and entertainment accessories, are now available exclusively online.

The six accessories – range from wireless speakers and earphones to charging accessories. Designed with style, comfort and performance in mind, the exclusive items were created to both enhance users’ mobile experience and help them get more out of their devices.

The speaker’s 360-degree surround sound immerses listeners in rich audio, while wireless charging and a motion-sensitive UX make controlling and powering it a breeze. When holding the speaker, for example, a water-pouring motion will adjust the built-in 16M-color LED lighting unit’s brightness, while a simple shake will change its color. The unit is completely customizable via the accompanying Lux Manager App*, which allows users to find the perfect hue to accentuate both the moment and their mood.

Samsung has also introduced a number of accessories to help users power their devices more effectively.

In addition to the Wireless Speaker Bottle design, Samsung has introduced the Wireless Speaker Scoop design: a compact and stylish speaker built for enjoying powerful audio on the go.

The Wireless Charger Tray design allows users to top-up two devices at once (three if the cable charging port is used), and at just 17.8mm thick, is a subtle way to turn a desk, table or nightstand into a convenient power hub. Charging begins as soon as a wireless-enabled device, such as a smartphone or the aforementioned Wireless Speaker Bottle design, is placed on top.

The Battery Pack Kettle design introduces a considered and colorful take on mobile charging. Available in 5,100mAh and 10,200mAh variations, and a choice of coral pink or mint blue, the kettle-shaped battery features a convenient LED status indication to keep tabs on remaining power, a wrist strap to add to comfort and portability, and kickstand cables that allow users to prop up their phones and enjoy media while they charge.

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