The bag that replaces your grocery bag instead of paying that extra 0,10 euro cents…When you live in the Netherlands you are very aware of this.

All to keep our planet safe and sound. Back to the topic as it makes all sense with Susan Bijl’s eco friendly not so generic sustainable bag inspired by the shape of a generic plastic bag . Known for her iconic flash diagonal stripe sustainable bag Susan teamed up with Amsterdam graphic artist Michiel Schuurman and created a unique series of bags, pouches and straps that recall television screens.

The collection titled ‘No Signal’, contains new versions of SUSAN BIJL classics The New Shopping bag (medium and large), The New Pouch (medium) and The New Strap, that – typically for Michiel Schuurman’s work – cross the boundaries between media, using patterns based on the classic test card and white noise of television screens.

These are amazing stand out pieces to spice up an all black look but also with any other basic colors in your wardrobe. Question is: which one is your favourite? The collection will be available from October 6th in the Susan Bijl store in Rotterdam and online.