Never Give UP! Dapper Dan for Gucci Cruise 2018


It’s been like a decay since my last actual note up here. A platform which I started to express my creativity and just to share what’s hot, not, what you need to know, wear or just to scroll when you are bored. Yes, bored because we all have those moments.

But than Dapper Dan finally got his recognition, which brings me to the point that if you are reading this and going through it in whatever situation. Please don’t give up. Sometimes you will loose everything you have in life, people’s winning attitude to put you down and feel better about themselves. Let Karma and their own negative energy deal with them but you my dear… You are everything and more in this life.

DapperDan, the OG of Tailoring and bootleg designs from Harlem New York. If you don’t know him watch below documentary and acknowledge that Gucci Alessandro Michelle, creative director decided to make him the face for Gucci Tailoring Cruise 2018.  So well done, deserved and so NOW. Let’s leave the whole women cruise 18 plagiarised Gucci drama in the past. Because this right here is SoGucci and winning!

On an important note: All that Dapper Dan lost in the 80’s will be re-stored as he will open a new design studio and Gucci will be providing the raw materials….. Miracles do happen!

Enjoy the doc below! And remember #DOYOU.

PS: I’m still alive and very much kicking.. who is I? Reminder: *Instagram @bigitalista x @ILLjournal. Not chasing followers, just follow if you like what you see and interact. Spread love xBee