Four One One on Franzel Amsterdam

Franzel Amsterdam recently dropped three hype sneakers and we wanted to know more.

1.Where does Franzel Amsterdam stand for as a brand?
Mixing Classic with Contemporary.

2.Share with us previous highlights during your career as a designer.
The best highlight a brand can have is coming across people who wear your clothing.

3.Many celebrities have worn your designs, do you still have names on your wishlist?
It all depends on connection, because of the love we have for our profession we need people with the same love only then for our product. To give a good answer Prince Harry would be dope but also Willow Smith.

4. A next step for Franzel Amsterdam is your own sneaker line. What can we expect?

5. And your future dreams?
Creating dreams.

The sneakers are available from January 22 at FOUR by Azzuro in Amsterdam.

We love to create anything that will enhance the Franzel story. The sneaker could’t stay far behind, a must have item in every closet.

With the brand we want to make a connection between Classic and Contemporary therefore we chose a classic upper with tradition leather and crossed it with a new sole. The sole became a trademark trough our previous shoe project, it gives the shoe a contemporary look but the fit of a sneaker.

A sneaker is something with his legacy in sports, but with this new take on the shoe we want to elevate it to a classy item bot for old and young.