Correct Me I’m Wrong is Lot Madeleine’s first book. We had the change to meet Lot and a her publisher last Thursday during the launch. And Correct me if I’m wrong but the book embodies it all. Just like them, no nonsense and food for thought.

The value of Lot Madeleine’s work is not found in the amount of words she uses. Through a precise process she elevates her quotes into seemingly simple, but always intelligently layered constructs, wherein each word becomes an invaluable building block.

Based on the idea that you always need a spectator to achieve an interpretation, Lot’s expressions instigate an unexpected interaction. In an ongoing process where the public space and a variety of objects serve as a canvas for her craft, this is the first time her quirky observations have been compiled for publication.

In Correct Me, I’m Wrong Lot Madeleine embraces the challenges of a postmodern existence in a metropolitan environment. Her quotes appear as fragments from an ongoing internal dialogue, where she reflects on her direct surroundings without any expectations. This is how she bends her reality into a language that invites us into her universe.

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