Blood, Sweat & Tears -The Million Plan

You wanna come and turn up with us on November 21st in our beloved “damsco”Amsterdam?

Desperados hooks up the party people who really know how to turn up like The Million plan to celebrate the launch of their new video”Blood, Sweat & Tears”with a Party at Club Nyx.

The Million Plan: is a new Dutch project from Willem de Bruin and DJ Fanny West. They started their dj-career at Dirty Dutch in 2012. The groovy house sets of The Million Plan are very energetic with eclectic influences. The members of TMP already have a strong reputation within the Dutch music scene, so it’s a fact that this party is going to blaze with the line up that is set up for all the 3 areas at Club Nyx.

The only thing that you have to do is come up with a motivation why you want to be at the party? Sign up here to get a chance to win a spot on on the guestlist.

Watch the video for Blood, Sweat and Tears and check the line up below.

SEE YA!! #partyinstinct


BST Timetable



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