Bibi Bourelly’s newness called ‘Sally’

Who’s Bibi? that’s what you are thinking right? That’s the young and edgy songwriter behind Rihanna’s biggest hits such as “Bitch Better have my Money”, but ow ow ow Bibi is on a role now with her own sound. After her debut song ‘Ego” which she released back in December 2015 she just released her latest song called “Sally”. Bibi’s explanation of “Sally” is: “SALLY, at his or her core, is someone who shakes off hate, negativity, and bad vibes and maintains focus and energy on what is most important for him or her. SALLY is an identifier for like-minded people coming together towards a common goal. SALLY is the modern day, genderless Rosie the Riveter, a symbol for a new generation of people.”

Basically the core message of this song is that everyone could or should be SALLY. Powerful message for such a young spirit and to add you can shake whatever your mother gave ya on this tune. Click, Swing and be SALLY!