Appelsap: “So Fresh it Hurts”


edson patta

If you live in my beloved #damsco- Amsterdam and you’ve never hurt of Appelsap fresh Music need to check yourself for real…Lol

This year Appelsap celebrates its 15 year anniversary and yes that sure is a brilliant campaign to release a book: “So Fresh it Hurts”. The book captures stories of musicians, fashion brands, entrepreneurs and people that have been shaping Amsterdam’s underground Music scene for more than a decade by supporting each other and becoming an inspiration for many, such as Ben G, Cinnaman, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, Dekmantel, FS Green, Habbekrats, Parra, Petrovsky & Ramone, Tom Trago, Top Notch, Vincent van de Waal, Patta and many more.

Watch the video “So Fresh it Hurts” below and pre-order the book.

Ow and hold up August 8th it is: Appelsap Fresh Music Festival at FlevoPark #damsco tickets here .

Appelsap so fresh it hurts