Amsterdam got Fashion X’d- XBANK


Imagine 180 Dutch only designs on 1 floor. Very real in the capital and best city in world Amsterdam. XBank Amsterdam, part of the Whotel and open to the public from yesterday Feb 27th in the monumental building Kasbank at the Spuistraat 172.

Last week was their press opening week and it was So not Dutch but Dutch, like Colette but not Colette but unique in it’s own Luxurious way.

A bit more details: X Bank is a creative platform who supports (mainly) dutch designers in a creative space in which everything is available to purchase. Everything is; Fashion, Art, Books, Gifts, treasures and a whole lot more. Items which have a price from 8 euro up to 80.000 euro’s. This is also the reason that this retail concept speaks to a variety of consumers. Amsterdam is for sure on the international Fashion map with the XBank.

And yes again it’s Dutch! Visit!