This year marks thirty years since the debut of ASICS’s first shoe featuring GEL technology in 1986. To mark this milestone, ASICS Tiger announces the sale of the Gel 30th Anniversary Pack.

The introduction of GEL technology improved athletic shoe cushioning tremendously at the time. GEL research continued, with changes in materials, form, and positioning as functions and designs evolved. That history of trial and error is a deep reflection of ASICS’s philosophy of never abandoning functionality and design.

Reflecting on this history, ASICS now offers four models: the GEL-LYTE III, GEL-LYTE V, GT-COOL XPRESS and GEL-QUANTUM 360.

GEL technology will continue to evolve even beyond 30 years.

After debuting in 1986 as the key feature of the Freaks and GT-II, ASICS GEL never left. Because GEL wasn’t obtrusive or obnoxious in its execution – plus the fact it actually works – no shoe design was ever interrupted by it. It integrated with imaginative design flawlessly, resulting in a streak of Japanese performance shoe creativity that’s ageless and still worshipped by connoisseurs. Lines like the GEL-Lyte series built their reputations based on pure performance – a legitimacy that GEL bestowed, and it was that legitimacy that made them a style statement too.

Netherlands: The GEL-LYTE III en GEL-LYTE V are exclusive available at Sneakers. De GT-COOL XPRESS and GEL-QUANTUM 360 are more limited  and available at: 2 the max sneakers, Baskèts, Bruut, Calico Jack, Epic, Exclusive Store, Patta, Re-issue and Woei.